Thursday, March 27, 2008

Hillsong United Concert in Malaysia - May 2008

We've got some really Exciting NEWS!!

We've just got info that Hillsong United (Joel Houston & Team)

will be making their way to Petaling Jaya ... in MALAYSIA! :) WOO HOOO!!!

Youth Alive Malaysia will be organizing this event

Hillsong Worship Night

28 May 2008

at Glad Tidings Petaling Jaya

Block your dates and once we get more info

We'll blog about it ! :)

Tickets will be on sale ... more details soon!! :)

i can't wait!!!! WOOO HOOO!!!

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Wen Sen said...


magblues said...

o.O is it confirmed? i mean the Hillsong United concert in Malaysia? and is the whole team coming?

dareNtiff said...

Dear MagBlues

The above info is all we have for now.

I know Joel Houston is coming with a team .. so not sure what u mean by "whole" team? :)

Meanwhile... check back soon. Once more details are finalize ... we'll share it up here! :)

Leona said...

my news of the year :)

Leona said...

ooo. please update me on ticket sales! thanks...

magblues said...

ohh okok will check back from time to time.

oh by the whole team, i meant Joel Houston, Brooke Fraser, JD, Marty Sampson, Reuben Morgan, Tenni..etc. yea basically those few people =)

thanks again.

Anonymous said...

marty sampson and reuben morgan wont be here as they are no longer part of united....
they are with hillsongs now
besides reuben morgan tour with his own band....

daren said...

Yeah .. the team will be lead by Joel Houston and Marty & Reubs won't be in it! :)

Meanwhile, check out the Video Promo of Hillsong United at our new Worship Blog.

RBD said...

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