Sunday, May 27, 2007

Reuben Morgan's Everyone Album

This is Reuben Morgan's new CD.
My Review
I like this CD compared to Reuben's previous (World Through Your Eyes).
The songs are upbeat, and his remixes of his old songs
are simply brilliant.
I like what he did to Might to Save and Emmanuel.
Go get a copy and listen to the familiar worship songs but with a
fresh beat and style. Great one Reuben!! :)

‘Everyone’ is an album heavy with universal appeal, containing songs that translate perfectly into the church. Including tracks like Mighty To Save, Let Creation Sing and brand new song All For You there are two bonus treats in the form of 'Eagles Wings' and 'Still'. And with the enhanced features on the CD, chord charts and lyrics are just a click away.

Track Listing for Everyone
Click on the Links to sample/listen to the songs
  1. All For You
  2. Mighty to Save
  3. Emmanuel
  4. You Alone Are God
  5. What The Lord Has Done In Me
  6. Let Us Adore
  7. Let Creation Sing
  8. For All You've Done
  9. More Than Life
  10. Still
  11. Eagles Wings

Key Links
Reuben Morgan's Website -
Reuben Morgan's MySpace -
Buy Reuben Morgan's Everyone

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Friday, May 18, 2007

Tim Hughes' Almighty God

Tim Hughes wrote Almighty God when he was visiting Sydney with his wife for a two month holiday. He was just inspired by God's Creation, and the beauty fo it and the wonders of it.

Looking how creation praise God, that even the rocks cries out to Him. Almighty God is based on this thrust and this worship unto God.

Watch the Video of Tim Hughes as he teaches you to play Almighty God below, or click here

Chords - Click Here

Worship, Sing & Play along .. .. .. ..

Lyrics of Almighty God

Verse 1:
The rising Sun that fills the sky
The starry host that lights the night
Reflecting Your glory

The mountain heights, forever stand
The rain that falls to soak the land
Respond to Your glory

Almighty God, in every way
You are above and beyond understanding
If we did not praise, the rocks would cry out
Glorious God, high above understanding

Verse 2:
The vast expanse of earth and sea
Held by You in harmony
Speaks of Your glory

All You've made, since time began
Life itself; Your perfect plan
And it's all for Your glory

Creation joins as one to sing
“Glorious God.”
So far above all earthly things

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Thursday, May 17, 2007

Delirious' Majesty

Martin Smith Stuart Garrard

Majesty was written by Martin Smith and Stuart Garrard of the Delirious band back in 2003. And I only got to hear of it when Hillsong United played the Chorus of Majesty in their More Than Life album (Listen).

At that time they only played the Chorus of the song ... and it was beautiful!! And of course when Hillsong Unified Praise album came out, then I discovered that it was a song by Delirious.

So yes i know this song is old .. but its an awesome awesome worship song. Watch the 5 minutes video below when New Song Cafe interviews both Martin and Stuart on this song, and watch them as they play their guitars and harmonize and sing .... MAJESTY!

Worship along and enjoy the Video below, or click here

Chords - Click Here

Lyrics of Majesty

Here I am humbled by your Majesty
Covered by your grace so free
Here I am, knowing I'm a sinful man
Covered by the blood of the Lamb

Now I've found the greatest love of all is mine
Since you laid down your life
The greatest sacrifice

Majesty, Majesty
Your grace has found me just as I am
Empty handed, but alive in your hands
Majesty, Majesty
Forever I am changed by your love
In the presence of your Majesty


Here I am humbled by the love that you give
Forgiven so that I can forgive
Here I stand, knowing that I'm your desire
Sanctified by glory and fire

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Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Christian City Church's Here We Go

This is Christian City Church (Oxford Falls) new album, Here We Go!

Will write a review once I get a hold of the CD. :)

You can sample and download their songs from ITunes. Click here

Welcome to the Music Revolution!

Our praise and worship music is now available for digital download in the iTunes Music Store!

We’re experiencing and seeing a new season of increase dawning across the earth … God is doing a new thing. We invite you to join us, as we move into this fresh new era in worship.

“He has given me a new song to sing, of praises to our God. Now many will hear of the glorious things he did for me, and stand in awe before the Lord, and put their trust in him.” (Psalm 40:3 TLB)

Click here to go to the album in our iTunes Music Store.

Download Music Charts

Now you can download music charts for all of Christian City Church Oxford Falls’ praise and worship releases.

If you’ve used this facility before, click here to go to our page on Sibelius Music, where you’ll find all our charts for download.

If you’re new to this, click on: downloading music charts for a step-by-step guide .

Watch out for new releases … they’re coming up!

Christian City Church, Oxford Falls - Website -

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Friday, May 11, 2007

Bahasa / Indonesian Worship Songs - In Search for HatiKu

Had a request to search for Don Moen's Live Worship Recording of "Hati Ku". Its a beautiful worship song called "Our Hearts, Our Desire" which has a heavy emphasis on the works of Missions.

Googled many places, search high and low, cos I wasn't sure where to start. Finally after 10 mins, I stumbled on this great Indonesian Worship Lyrics page. And it was here that I finally found the song Hati Ku.

Tons of Indonesian Worship Songs - Click Here

Don Moen's Website - Click Here

And since I've found the song, here you go ... hope you can sing along and Worship Jesus .. or "Sembah Yesus" with this song.


Hati Ku
Hatiku, rinduku
S'mua bangsa sujud menyembah
Tangisku, doaku
Memuji Engkau sampai ke hujung Bumi
Tiap suku dan bahasa
Bersatu, naikkan pujian
Hatiku, rinduku
Semua bangsa menyembahMu, Yesus

Bapa di Surga, besar kasihMu
Yang Engkau berikan
Bagi umat manusia
Biarlah RohMu dicurahkan
Menghancurkan kuasa maut
Ku kan bangkit menyembahMu
Menyatakan kuasaMu

Hatiku, rinduku
S'mua bangsa menyembahMu, Yesus

Our Heart, Our Desire
Our heart our desire
Is to see the nations worship
Our cry our prayer
Is to sing Your praise to the ends of the earth
That with one mighty voice
Evey tribe and tongue rejoices
Our heart our desire
Is to see the nations worship You

Heavenly Father
Your mercy showers down upon all people
Every race upon this earth
May Your Spirit pierce the darkness
Break the chains of death upon us
Let us rise in honest worship
To declare Your matchless worth

Our heart our desire
Is to see the nations worship You

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Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Chris Tomlin's Instructional Videos for Guitar & Piano

Have you heard of WORSHIP FREQUENCY?

This is a cool website set up by Chris Tomlin to provide Worship Resources and help to worshippers with instructional videos on how to play his worship songs on Guitar and Piano; and also Bible Studies and more.
My Fav Video is when Chris Tomlin plays the Piano and talks about his song "How Great Is Our God" and talks about how the wrote the song and puts the chords into the song ... and so cool! (Wished it was on youtube .. so can link it from here!)

All you need to do is to Sign Up for FREE and apart from Videos, you can also download Guitar Tabs and Lyrics.
Currently you have 4 Guitar Chords from his recent Album "See The Morning", for Glorious, Made To Worship, Uncreated One, Let God Arise

Check out Worship Frequency ... ITS FREE! :)

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Sunday, May 06, 2007

Live Concert Video LEAD ME TO THE CROSS (Hillsong United - All of the Above)

This song is written and sang by Brooke Fraser and its a beautiful and meditative song of a personal journey of going to the Cross!

Watch the Video below and sing along, it may just make you cry as you Worship HIM who gave up everything for us! Or Click here.

Lead Me to the Cross from United's All of The Above


Savior I come
Quiet my soul remember
Redemptions hill
Where Your blood was spilled
For my ransom

Everything I once held dear
I count it all as lost

Lead me to the cross
Where Your love poured out
Bring me to my knees
Lord I lay me down
Rid me of myself
I belong to You
Lead me, lead me to the cross

You were as I
Tempted and trialed
The word became flesh
Bore my sin and death
Now you're risen

To your heart
To your heart
Lead me to your heart
Lead me to your heart

Here's a video of Brooke Fraser speaking on the LEAD ME TO THE CROSS song.
Watch it below or here

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Friday, May 04, 2007

Live Concert Video Hosanna (Hillsong United - All of the Above)

My Fav song from United's All of the Above - Hosanna!!

Watch as Brooke Fraser leads us in this glorious song ... Hosanna.

Its such a simple but anointed song.. Listen to it, sing and worship along with the Video.

Hosanna, Hosanna
Hosanna in the Highest!!

Watch the Video below.

Hosanna from United's All of The Above

Chords - Click here
Lyrics for Hosanna

Verse 1
I see the King of glory
Coming down the clouds with fire
The whole earth shakes, the whole earth shakes
I see his love and mercy
Washing over all our sin
The people sing, the people sing

Hosanna, Hosanna
Hosanna in the Highest

Verse 2
I see a generation
Rising up to take the place
With selfless faith, with selfless faith
I see a new revival
Staring as we pray and seek
We're on our knees, we're on our knees

Heal my heart and make it clean
Open up my eyes to the things unseen
Show me how to love like you have loved me
Break my heart for what is yours
Everything I am for your kingdom's cause
As I walk from earth into eternity

Here's a video of Brooke Fraser speaking on the HOSANNA song. Enjoy it below or watch it here

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Live Concert Video of Joel Houston leading Solution (Hillsong United - All of the Above)

Awesome VIDEO of the United LIVE Concert and Joel Houston leading "Solution" from the Hillsong United's All of the Above album.

Check out 4+ mins Video.

Watch the Video below, or click here

Song : Solution
From the CD Album United - All of the Above

Lyrics below .. sing along!! :)

Verse 1
It is not a human right to stare, not fight while broken nations dream,
Open up our eyes so blind that we might find the mercy for the need.

Hey now fill our hearts with your compassion,
Hey now as we hold to our confession.

Verse 2
It is not too far a cry too much to try and help the least of these,
Politics will not decide if we should rise and be your hands and feet.

Whoa! God be the solution.
Whoa! We will be your hands and be your feet.

Verse 3
Higher than all circumstance your promise stands,
Your love for all to see.
Higher than our protest lines and dollar signs
Your love is all we need.

Only you can mend the broken heart
And cause the blind to see,
Erase complete the sinner’s past and set the captives free.
Only you can take the widow’s cry,
And cause her heart to sing.
Be the father to the fatherless, our savior and our king.
We will be your hands, we will be your feet,
We will run this race for the least of these;
In the darkest place we will be your light we will be your light.

And we will be your hands we will be your feet.
We will run, we will run,
We will run with the solution.

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Thursday, May 03, 2007

Interview with Tim Hughes (composer of Here I Am to Worship)

The renowned worship artist explains how "Here I Am to Worship" changed his life, and how he hopes Holding Nothing Back will shake up worship apathy.

How has your life changed since "Here I Am to Worship" went huge?

Tim Hughes: It's been a crazy and wonderful journey. Life has definitely become a lot more full and busy. I think one of the key things it has done is to allow me to step out in what I'm passionate about, leading worship and writing songs for the church.

One of the main things I do now is to lead a school of worship called "Worship Central." The vision is to train and equip worship leaders and musicians to be a blessing to the local church. We run training days, retreats, a website, as well as other resources. It's been amazing, and "Here I Am to Worship" has definitely paved the way.

Is there a downside to writing a worldwide smash?

Hughes: Perhaps the only struggle at times has been getting caught up in trying to replicate the success of the song. You can put a pressure on yourself and feel disappointed when other songs don't match "Here I Am to Worship." However, I now feel happy with the fact that different songs are used in different ways.

I had an e-mail from someone who went through a major brain operation; it was very much touch and go. All through the ordeal he said a couple of lines from another of my songs were running through his mind giving him strength, hope and courage. For me that's amazingly encouraging. My role is to be a worshipper, writing songs out of the overflow of my heart. As long as I continually push myself to be the best songwriter I can be, then how the song is used is up to God.

On Holding Nothing Back, you went for a louder, more rocking approach. Why?

Hughes: It captured both lyrically and musically the place I'm in. Worship is about surrender, holding nothing back and giving our all in response to the One who gave his everything for us. These are the days to be daring, exuberant and passionate; these are not times for half-hearted, apathetic worship. In the way I lead worship and in the songs I've been writing, I've been trying to push myself—to be more honest, raw and authentic in my response to our great God.

Musically I was keen to push things out as well. Going into the project I had what I called the three E's—I wanted the record to be edgy, epic and emotive. So every arrangement, every vocal, every guitar part, we were trying to push it to the max. I hope that passion is captured in the album.

You've expressed frustration at worshippers who simply go through the motions. What's the cause for apathetic expressions of praise?

Hughes: I wonder if partly in the West we have so much that we don't need God as much. I mean we've got our nice houses, great careers, flashy cars, exotic vacations and designer clothes. These in themselves aren't necessarily wrong, but if we're not careful it can dull our passion for Christ. Often when I find myself becoming apathetic, I realize it's because I'm relying on myself, rather than throwing myself on the mercy of God. Nothing fuels worship more than realizing the wonder of our Almighty God and recognizing our total need for him. When we recognize God for who he is, we can't help but respond wholeheartedly.

What can worship leaders do to shake up apathy?

Hughes: I think we need to step out and lead with our hearts on our sleeves—to model true worship in the lives that we lead and in the songs that we sing. The great evangelist John Wesley was once asked to explain his secret. He simply said, "Every morning I wake up and set myself on fire for Jesus, and then I go out and people watch me burn." Imagine that—thousands of worship leaders burning with zeal for Christ. That would certainly shake things up!

Song: Here I Am To Worship

Listen MP3 - Click Here

Chords - Click Here

Lyrics below.

Verse 1

Light of the world

You steped down into darkness

Open my eyes let me see

Beauty that make this heart adore You

Hope of a life spent with You


Here I am to worship

Here I am to bow down

Here I am to say that

You’re my God

You’re altogether lovely

Altogether worthy

Altogether wonderful to me

Verse 2

King of all days

O so highly exalted

Glorious in heaven above

Humbly You came to the earth

You created

All for love’s sake became poor


I’ll never know how much it cost

Too see my sins upon that Cross

Read the Review of Here I Am To Worship


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Tuesday, May 01, 2007

To The Worshipper by Reuben Morgan

To the worshipper...

So I wonder what springs to mind for you when you think of "worship"?

To Worshippers... Allow me to preface this message to you with the comment that what I have prepared for you today is a few thoughts that have come out of my own life's journey of seeking to understand worship and desiring to know God. I am not coming to you as someone who is qualified with all the answers on worship, just someone with a big heart!

I know that for me, straight away I think of our own church home and I can see a crowd of people before me with their hands raised and singing to God- that's my context for church worship- it's loud and it's passionate and it's about people who really love God!

When I think of worship though, I also think of the songs of the Vineyard movement that were so much a part of forming my worship to God when I was first saved. I don't know if you would remember songs like "Refiners Fire" and "Awesome God" and "Purify My Heart"- they were like gold to me! I remember sitting in my room just sensing God's presence so strongly as I listened to these songs on cassette- they taught me about God and managed to somehow draw worship out of me even when it was as though I didn't know what I was doing.

This year, my family and I had an incredible opportunity to visit Papua New Guinea with a team from our church. I grew up in Papua New Guinea- which for those of you who don't know is a country that's positioned at the top of Australia near Malaysia- it's a very hot country with a huge proportion of the population living in tribal situations. The actual worship meetings that we were a part of were incredible- there were up to 100,000 people just dancing and singing before God! I can remember just looking out from the stage and seeing dust just rising everywhere as these people so freely worshipped God even when many of their situations are so poor and needy in so many ways.

On the Sunday that we were in PNG, my wife and I went to a little family church up in the hills- we drove for about an hour on these bumpy roads to get there and finally arrived... dripping with sweat cause there's no air conditioning and it's just so hot! The actual church was just a concrete floor and their were no walls, just a couple of wooden benches to sit on. The worship in this church was lead by some men playing their guitars (it was very raw!) who didn't stand out the front of the church but played on the front row. The church was full of dark skinned beautiful people who sang in harmonies to God with their eyes closed and their hands raised. When I got up to play a song, again just me and my guitar, they kept wanting just "one more song"- hungry for God and longing to worship Him.

Worship is described as: "The activity of glorifying God in His presence with our voices and hearts".

A. W. Tozer said that "we are saved to worship God".

John Stott said "Worship is the highest and most noblest activity of which man, by the grace of God, is capable".

I want us to look today at a couple of things that I believe are fundamental to our worship- I'll begin by saying that at the heart of our worship is God Himself. There is a quote by Martin Luther that captures the essence of what I want to share with you today and it is this: "To know God is to worship Him". For us to truly worship God, two fundamental elements are needed: 1) Revelation- whereby God reveals himself to us and 2) Response- whereby we respond freely and uninhibitedly to God in awe and wonder.

1) Revelation

God makes Himself known to us in a number of ways- our worship will depend on our revelation of God. Our revelation of God is our understanding of who He is and how great God is- it's the knowledge of God or by definition "theology". And when we know God, we know how He wants to be worshipped.

I have a little boy who's name is Jones Berlin- he is 16 months old and my greatest hero! When he was born, I remember feeling so disappointed in the fact that he just couldn't communicate with us- he would cry and cry and we had no idea what the matter was! We would chat with him and make jokes, but he just didn't get it! But now that we have had over a year together and Jones is learning to talk, he manages to communicate so much and he understands so much of what we say to him.

The strange thing I find about my son is that the more time I spend with him, the more need I have to spend time with him and the more time I have for him, the more love I seem to find in my heart for him. I am getting to know him. And whilst I don't worship my son (!!!), my revelation of Jones has come out of my understanding of who he is and how great he is... it's caused me to understand him and what he loves and needs and the person that he is.

So what are the ways that God makes Himself known/ reveals Himself to us?

I. Firstly, through His works in creation.
Psalm 19: 1 "The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the works of his hands"

Have you ever looked an overwhelmingly huge mountain or the raging seas or a sunset that leaves you speechless and thought "how could anyone say that there isn't a God in Heaven?" I have heard a story of a guy who was out surfing in the ocean and the sun was going down- he was so amazed by the beauty of what he saw around him that something inside of him said there just has to be more... it was out of this experience that he found himself in church and became a Christian and is serving in church today.

C.S. Lewis said: "The book of nature has three leaves- heaven, earth and the sea- of which heaven is the first and most glorious and by it's aid we are able to see the beauties of the other two. He who begins to read creation by studying the stars begins the book at the right place."

Take time out to look at creation- take a walk, go away for the weekend or find some incredible view that could only cause you to be amazed by God. God reveals Himself to us through His creation.

II. Secondly, God reveals Himself to us through the written Word/ the Bible
Psalm 19:7 "The law of the Lord is perfect, reviving the soul. The statutes of the Lord are trustworthy, making wise the simple."

God's Word is whole- it is complete and it is perfect. The Bible is more than someone's comment on what God has to say, it is what God has to say! There is no substitute for the Word of God- it brings freedom, joy and liberty.

Statistics say that 30% of the world's population have had virtually no exposure to the gospel message- that's approximately 2 billion people that have not heard the gospel.

The Word of God is precious.

Augustine of Hippo said "The Holy Scriptures are our letters from home".

Emile Caillet said "The Bible is not only a book which I can understand, it is a book which understands me."

Billy Graham said "The Bible easily qualifies as the only book in which is God's revelation."

Let me put out the challenge to us today- what will you do with the Bible- the book in which you'll find God's revelation? Do you even value and prioritize God's word enough that you would spend time reading it?

Of the world's 7,291 languages, just under half (3,572) have either/ all Bible portions... you and not only have heard the gospel but we have the Bible in our own languages- God will reveal Himself to us through His Word when we open it and read it and value and devour it!

III. Thirdly, God reveals Himself to us through Jesus Christ
John 1:18 "No one has ever seen God, but God the One and Only, who is at the Father's side, has made Him known."

When Jesus died on the cross, He made a way for you and I to know God. The result of the cross was a revolution in itself from what the people of Old Testament times formerly knew of God- it was a revolution in both religious experience and theological understanding.

John 15 tells us that we can know a relation with Christ that is "intimate and organic" (5)- where Jesus says 'Make your home in me just as I do in you" (4).

The Message Bible puts it like this:

"The Word became flesh and blood,
and moved into the neighborhood.
We saw the glory with our own eyes,
the one-of-a-kind glory,
like Father, like Son,
Generous inside and out,
true from start to finish. -Jn1:14

IV. Finally, God reveals Himself to us through the Holy Spirit
Jn 16:13 "But when he, the spirit of Truth, comes, he will guide you into all truth. He will not speak on his own; he will speak only what he hears, and he will tell you what is yet to come."

Dwight L. Moody said "There is not a better evangelist in the world than the Holy Spirit."

"THe Holy Spirit is not a blessing from God, He is God". -Colin Urquhart

The Word used for 'Spirit' in John is described like the wind, being invisible, immaterial, and powerful. In John chapter 16, the personality of the Holy Spirit is emphasized with the Spirit being referred to as 'His'. The Holy Spirit was connected with the birth of Jesus, His life, His baptism, His death, His operations in the world, in the church, His operations in us and in the local church. Jesus is active today in us and through us- it is called the work of the Holy Spirit.

Eugene Peterson writes: "Spirit is the scriptural word for God sharing his life in our lives. It means that God is not an anonymous somebody "out there" or an idea explained in a book, but a living presence whom I experience in the life I live day by day. God gives himself to me. I receive God into myself. Spirit is God's gift of Himself in my experience."

Romans 8:11 in the Message says: "When God lives and breathes in you (and he does, as surely as he did in Jesus), you are delivered from the dead life. With his Spirit living in you, your body will be as alive as Christ's!"

2) Response

The second fundamental aspect of worship after Revelation is Response. Our awe- stricken response to God... Martin Luther insisted that worship is the essential symptom or expression of knowing God.

Like any living relationship, our response to God must be real and true and in keeping with who we are. As children we are taught what an appropriate response is for various situations such as saying "thank you" or referring to an adult as "Mr or Mrs so and so" or not whining when we don't get what we want. In a similar way, the Bible teaches us what are appropriate ways in which to respond to God. If however, when I married my wife (the woman that I am passionate about), I filled our relationship with the "right" responses and nothing that came from my heart/ gut, we would end up with a pretty shallow kind of relationship!

Responding to God- worshipping Him- can only come out of knowing Him and having had Him revealed to us. I love my wife and am able to tell her the reason why I love her when I know her and am in a daily relationship with her. Our response to God is an overflow from our heart that loves Him for who He is and what He has done.

"God is not moved or impressed with our worship until our hearts are moved and impressed by Him" - Kelly Sparks

The Bible tells us that God alone is to be worshipped (Ex 20:1-3). He is to be served with our whole being (Dt 6:5, 10:27)- the very nature of God is overwhelming in all that He is... it demands everything of us of to join in worship to our creator! The two most important words for worship in the New Testament have the combined meaning of service or worship- the implication is that Christian Worship and service are essentially one.

The Bible tells us that David danced before the Lord. The people sang songs of praise to God as see through out the Psalms. In the New Testament, a costly jar of perfume was broken over Jesus feet in worship of the Lord. Paul worshipped Christ with a life well spent.

The overflow of a heart that is in love with Jesus Christ is worship- worship that involves every part of who we are... worship that sings and shouts and dances, worship that serves and gives and loves generously, worship that responds to God with all that it has for all that He is!

Planet Shakers - Savior of the World

Product Image

Planet Shakers - Savior of the World


Recorded at Planetshakers Conference in January 2007, Saviour of the World is the latest Live Album release from Planetshakers. As a nation stood to their feet, giving glory to the Saviour of the world, God heard the cry of a rising and united generation, longing to see their nation and the nations of this world bowing the knee to Jesus Christ.

The result is 13 brand new songs including; “Praise You” “So In Love With You”, “My Healer” and title track “Saviour of the World”.

This album represents the passionate response of a generation yearning to seek God’s face and see His Kingdom come all across this earth. A powerful tool to empower this generation to win their generation, Saviour of the World brilliantly captures the essence of Planetshakers, who through their Spirit driven praise and worship, desire to inspire and stir you to be all that God has called you to be. Special features include; preaching clips, conference highlights and live worship songs. Get your hands on this great resource today.

Song Titles:

Song # Song Title Composer
1Praise YouMike Guglielmucci
2So In Love With YouHenry Seeley
3Saviour Of The wOrldSam Evans
4My Life Is YoursJonathan Hunt
5No One ElseMike Guglielmucci
6Take MeHenry Seeley
7Reign ForeverSam Evans, Mike Guglielmucci, Jonathan Hunt
8Lead Me OnMike Guglielmucci
9StandMike Guglielmucci
10BoomJonathan Hunt
11JesusMike Guglielmucci
12HealerMike Guglielmucci
13ForeverMike Guglielmucci

Pre-Order your CD now.

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Worship with Chris Tomlin

Weeping may remain for a night, but rejoicing comes in the morning. Psalm 30:5

We tremble under the weight of news reports. We shudder as cultural pillars appear to be crumbling. Yet God's commitment to all life remains unshakable. Rain washes dry roots. The sick experience healing. This is life's resurrection by the hand of God: Dawn always breaks into morning over humanity's dark night of the soul.

Inspired by the psalmist who describes God's ongoing work as provoking new beginnings, award-winning singer/songwriter Chris Tomlin releases "See The Morning." After 15 years of writing songs for the church, Tomlin's new 11-track album shows joy remains possible even in the messiness of life. Praise to God is not just for life's prosperous seasons-it's a constant way of living with hope.

"See The Morning expresses the idea that God's as faithful as the rising sun," explains Tomlin. "Though your life may be shifting all around you and it may be dark, there is hope." Chris cites empowering Biblical stories from Psalms, Exodus, Lamentations, Joshua, Isaiah and some accounts of Jesus' miracles in the gospels to draw a resolute conclusion. "From these stories I'm inspired to notice morning as an incredible symbol in Scripture. Morning is brand new. It's fresh. It's new life. That while the darkness came and was for a while, light is breaking through into morning."

"Thats the hope I want to help people grab with this album," Tomlin says.

See The Morning started to emerge following the far-reaching success of Tomlins 2004 sixstepsrecords/ Sparrow Records release Arriving. That record delivered a call to the Christian church to pursue life-renewing worship, and it indelibly reinforced Tomlins distinction as the voice of todays modern expression of Christian worship. The songs breathed vitality into both corporate and devotional worship music, creating a ripple effect like nothing Tomlin had previously experienced.
Arriving gave Tomlin his first RIAA-certified gold record and made radio history by producing three No. 1 singles and three songs in the R&R AC Top 30 simultaneously (two of those in the Top 10). Tomlin led all artists this spring with 10 GMA Music Award nominations, capping off the Christian music industrys April ceremony with five statuettes, including standout awards for Artist of the Year, Male Vocalist of the Year and Song of the Year. The recording also caused the church to sing, with How Great Is Our God and Holy Is The Lord landing in the top 15 of the most sung CCLI songs, and bringing his total CCLI charting songs to 17 being sung by tens of millions of worshipers around the world. This season also successfully perpetuated Tomlins celebrated participation in the popular, college-focused Passion conferences.

Grateful for these opportunities, the accolades also bring Tomlin the added weight of responsibility and concern for the human condition.

The more I live, the more I see that life is not fair, the Austin, Texas-based musician says. Around the world, Ive been exposed to much poverty and sickness. I hear about what people are going through, and I realize that some are not as blessed as others. The world is full of discouragement. I think God wants to give us all great compassion for I want to use my voice to write songs that serve as a reminder to people that Jesus life provides hope for us all. Not just in the good times, but in the bad times, as well.

Hebrews says, Therefore through Jesus let us continually offer a sacrifice of praise, the fruit of lips that praise his name and do not forget to do good and serve others, for which such things God is pleased, Tomlin continues. I hope this music serves others. With worship music there is a revival. The spirit of God grows in peoples hearts. To worship him is not only to sing our hearts out to God but also to love and serve people and to meet people where they are. Hopefully I can give voice to some songs that help people do just that.

Combining the artists strong signature hooks and accessible choruses with the production expertise of the award-winning Ed Cash, who also produced Arriving, See The Morning is imbued with a community spirit, as evidenced by the number of contributing songwriters. Tomin is joined by Cash and Matt Redman in the opening track that anchors the theme of hope, How Can I Keep From Singing, a rendition of the 1860 hymn by Robert Lowry:

How can I keep from singing your praise/ How can I ever say enough/ How amazing is your love

How can I keep from shouting your name/ I know I am loved by the King/ And it makes my heart want to sing

Hope also resonates vigorously on Rejoice (the track from which the albums title is drawn), as well as on the beautiful first radio single Made To Worship. Producer Cash, who encouraged Tomlin to record what became his first No. 1 radio hit, Indescribable, brought Tomlin the chorus that he and Stephen Sharp had written for Made To Worship. Tomlin finished writing the song and audiences nationwide are responding, as it has already become a national radio hit.

The album further features the high-energy Let God Arise as a rowdy, rambunctious track inspired by Psalm 68:1 and affirming that death does not get the final word over humanity.

You cannot play something titled Let God Arise as a ballad at 75 beats a minute, Tomlin laughs. We, as a band [Jesse Reeves (bass), Daniel Carson (guitar) and Travis Nunn (drums)] love to play loud and get people going. This is our rock and roll song. Often testing new songs like that one on the road and in churches before deciding to record them, Everlasting God, written by Brenton Brown and inspired by Isaiah 40, is already a staple chorus at Austin Stone Community Church, which Tomlin co-founded in 2002.

Closing the album is Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone), a new rendition of the classic hymn. I wasnt sure I wanted to mess with the most recognized hymn ever, Tomlin admits. But after researching the song, he discovered the famous John Newton hymn has withstood previous editors. Reviving an original verse that had lost popular favor over the years, combined with a new chorus co-written with Passion founder/director Louie Giglio, Tomlin rekindles a church standard for a new generation of worshipers.

My chains are gone/ Ive been set free/My God, my Savior has ransomed me
And like a flood His mercy reigns/ Unending love, Amazing grace!

As millions of people around the world are already singing his songs every week at collegiate gatherings, worship services, concert settings and as they sing along with radio, perhaps like the famous hymn from Newton, the songs of Chris Tomlin will live on in the hearts and through the voices of worshipers for generations.

I want to write songs that last more than a few weeks on the radio, Tomlin reflects. I feel like Gods given me a gift to write songs for the average person that help them communicate their feelings to God. And For See The Morning, and really all my songs, I hope they will be ones that bring people closer to God, so much so that they are sung long after I'm gone.

Source - Featured Worship Leader on WorshipTogether