Friday, November 09, 2007

African Nite Worship at Glad Tidings

Its been a blessing in Glad Tidings to welcome the mass of African Students that come from various countries of the African continent and have now started to call Glad Tidings their "home church" in Malaysia.

Recently we had a nite dedicated to the Africans, with many African students rising up in worship, playing musical instruments, the african voice choir and more!! It was an awesome awesome celebrative, non stop, unable-to-sit-down, dancing - moving, jumping for the Lord, kinda worship nite!!

I trully enjoyed myself in the presence of God and would like to share with you some moments captured that night on photos and videos. (Would like to thank The Reflector for all the pics & vids)

African Nite Worship at Glad Tidings

The African Worship Band which consist of some Africans and also

some of our local Malaysians. Yeah .. the Africans were really dressed for the nite!

Resego (pronounced ... Ray-Say-Ho), she's an anointed singer

and she was one of the Worship Leaders for the nite! Awesome!

Kopo .. our acoustic guitarist ... plays regularly on the worship band

in our worship services.

Emmanuel ... cool name huh?

He's a PK (Pastor's Kid) ... a trully annointed guy always seem to have

a "Word from the Lord" and shares and worship from his heart. Cool dude!

And this Thabang (Abang with a "T") .. and he has an awesome bass voice.

IN fact all the Africans have great voices, when they come together and worship

the voice that comes forth is trully amazing.

Resego and the Singers leading the Church into Worship

I trully love the way the Africans express themselves in Worship.

Its totally without any inhibitions and self consciousness, they just worship freely

with their mouth and dance and movements ... its trully amazing!! :)

- A Worship Culture that Malaysians still have to do some "catch up!"

And yes .. our other Worship Leader ... Le Roy who is totally Chinese

and behaves, dance, moves, sings like pure African!! :)

Video of Worship Song @ African Nite : Jo Na Na Jo

I love this song done by the Africans. Its called Jo Na Na Jo.

Sing and celebrate along in this super catchy tune.

Chorus (translation in English)

Jo Na Na Jo (Heya!)

Jo Na Na Jo

Na Na Jo



Ke Letsatsi (This is a Day)

Le monate (A Great Day)

La morena (Of Our Lord and Savior)

Jeso Keresete (Jesus Christ)

Another Video of African Worship Nite

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benben said...


WOW! Their worship session is just so so so aazing ;'). Daren, do let me know or post here, if there is something like this coming up k. Cool blogs u have there, will be looking thru them whenever im free ;')

sembah said...

Dear Ben

Sure thing!! Glad u enjoyed it! We love it too!!

We will be having our Christmas Event called Indescribable Christmas on 21 & 22 December! It will be Indescribable! :)